Thursday, 24 April 2008

Types of hammer

If you’re not an expert or professional craftsman, how do you know which hammer is right for which job?

Did you know there are actually many different types of hammers, each with a special purpose?

Choosing the right hammer will pay off in the long run by doing a better job, faster, and safer.

Below we have listed the most popular hammer types to help in the decision of which to use:

  • Common Nail Hammer With Curved Claw - used for general carpentry work and, of course, nail pulling.
  • Rip Hammer With Straight Claw - used for general and heavy carpentry work, framing, ripping.
  • Finishing Hammer - used for cabinet making, finishing, general carpentry.
  • Ball Pein Hammer - used for riveting, center punching, and bending or shaping soft metal.
  • Hand Drilling Hammer - used for powerful work such as striking masonry nails, steel chisels and masonry drills.
  • Soft-face Hammer - for assembling furniture and wood projects, setting dowels, and any task which requires non-marring blows.
  • Tack Hammer - used to drive small nails, furniture upholstering and more.
  • Brick Hammer - designed for cutting and setting bricks of blocks, and for chipping mortar.
  • Drywall (Wallboard) Hammer - used for drywall work, marking wallboard, making cutouts, sets nails with dimple for easier finishing, corner nailing (in some versions).
  • Carpenter's Mallet - for use in furniture assembly, shaping soft sheet metals or any project that requires non-marring blows.


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