Friday, 10 July 2009

Answering Mobile Telephones

Mobiles are usually a work phone or a personal phone, and you can answer them accordingly. Remember that if you don't recognise the number it could be anyone on the other end.

Non-UK answering techiniques

Different countries have different methods.

  • Spanish: digame (speak to me) or just plain si (yes)
  • Russian: slooshio (listening/ready)
  • German: Answer with your surname. Anything else is considered impolite.
  • France: A quick 'allo usually suffices.
  • Italy: Pronto? or Si.
  • Japan: Use moshi moshi, which is a contraction of moshimasu, moshimasu (I am going to speak), or a simple hai (affirmative).

Answering the telephone can be very important- remember it's those first impressions that really count. Make sure that you choose a formality that suits the occasion, and that your voice sounds bright, cheerful and efficient.


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