Sunday, 23 May 2010

Beware the Office Refrigerator!

One great way to save money is to bring your own lunch to work, and more people are doing so in these tough times. Unfortunately, that means tangling with that workplace battlefield known as the office fridge ...  and the lunch thieves ... 

Do not, as many suggest, consider adding unpleasant substances to your lunch to trap the thief. If you actually like sardine, marshmallow and jalapeno sandwiches, it’s the thief’s problem if she gets nauseated. If a thief with a peanut allergy goes into anaphylactic shock after munching on your chicken satay, you’re not responsible, either. But if a lunch thief becomes ill after a meal that you yourself would not eat, you will not only get fired, you will face criminal charges. In the 1990s, The Press-Enterprise reported on a California nurse who was charged with a felony after she spiked her own water bottle with formalin, sending her thirsty, thieving co-worker to the hospital for two days.

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