Monday, 21 June 2010

Top 10 Worst Student Essay Topics


The Lighter Side of Grammar & Composition

By Richard Nordquist, Guide

10. OMGYG2BK: A Twitter Essay in 23 Tweets

9. How I Spent My Summer Vacation Trying to Make Up Interesting Stuff to Write About My Summer Vacation

8. Bet You Can't Tell That I Bought This Essay for 20 Bucks on!

7. Creative Corporate Communications: The Bottom Line Set in Stone Outside the Box at the End of the Day

6. Poke Me on Facebook, Doc, and I Promise to Quit Stalking You

5. A Descriptive Essay About That Mushy Blue Thing on My Grandpa's Big Toe

4. Would You Still Have Become an English Major If You Knew That You'd End Up Reading Student Essays for the Rest of Your Life?

3. A Wikipedia Research Paper: How Noah and Joan of Ark Met Thomas and Weezie Jefferson in the Olive Garden of Eden

2. The Top 10 Top 10 Lists on My Top 10 Favorite Websites

1. When You Say "Compose a 500 Word Essay," Do You Mean 500 Different Words, or Can We Repeat the Same Word Over and Over and Over--and Do the Words in the Title Count?


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