Thursday, 2 September 2010

Snooker Etiquette / Gamesmanship

Some negative "gamesmanship" behaviour that has been observed over the years

  1. Do you ever stand by the pocket that your opponent is attempting to pot a ball into?
  2. Do you ever chalk your cue "loudly" as your opponent is taking their shot?
  3. Do you ever talk to your opponent in the hope that you can reduce the effectiveness of their concentration or their performance?
  4. Do you ever find yourself rushing around the table as your opponent is making a break and ending up accused of interfering with his line of sight?
  5. Do you continuously complain about your luck so that eventually your opponent reduces their concentration due to your ever readiness to complain about their good fortune or your bad?
  6. Do you ever talk to bystanders perhaps asking if a particular ball goes in order to disrupt an opponent’s concentration?
  7. Do you ever refuse to accept that you have committed a fowl, perhaps by lightly touching a ball and then not admitting it?
  8. Do you ever question the scoreboard or make inaccurate movements of the pointers to benefit your position?
  9. Do you ever make unnecessary fuss about re-spotting balls to distract your opponent?
  10. Do you ever deliberately miss-announce the score as your opponent is on a break in order to disrupt his concentration?


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