Thursday, 2 December 2010

White tie

White tie, or formal evening dress is strictly regulated, and properly comprises:

  • Black tailcoat with silk (grosgrain or satin) facings, horizontally cut-away at the front
  • Black trousers with a single stripe of satin or braid in the US or two stripes in Europe; trousers are fish-tail back, thus worn with braces instead of a belt.
  • White plain stiff-fronted cotton shirt (usually cotton marcella (US: piqué))
  • White stiff-winged collar
  • White bow tie (usually cotton marcella (US: piqué))
  • White low-cut waistcoat (usually cotton marcella (US: piqué), matching the bow tie and shirt, which should not extend below the front of the tailcoat)
  • Black silk stockings (long socks)
  • Black court shoes


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