Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Best Mechanical Pencil?

Top 10 Mechanical Pencils for General Writing and Office Use, aka...The Best Mechanical Pencil?

The Top 10 are in alphabetical order, apart for the first two pencils. When compiling the Top 10, the first two mechanical pencils were clearly far ahead of the rest of the pack, they were arguably the best mechanical pencils for general writing and office type work, and deserved to be placed at the head of the list, but after them, the others are all in alphabetical order.

Pentel Sharp P200(P203/5/7/9)
Pentel Sharp Kerry(P1035/7)

Lamy 2000
Parker Jotter
Pentel Graph Gear 1000
Pentel Techniclick
Pilot Shaker H-245
Staedtler Graphite 777
Staedtler 925 25
Uni Kuru Toga

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