Sunday, 15 July 2007

The Prisoner

After 30 years of The Prisoner appreciation society - Six of One - waiting to learn if there will ever be a 'sequel', firm news is now appearing. The final Prisoner episode - Fall Out - ended the original series abruptly, back in 1967. Now, 4 decades on, there is to be a new series based on the old one, which had 17 hourly epsiodes. But the new production is a mini-series of 6 episodes, costing £1 million each. The sixties' stories had a budget of £75,000.
The satellite TV channel Sky One has unveiled plans for a new six-part “thrilling reinvention” of The Prisoner, as director of programmes Richard Woolfe describes the project, with Christopher Eccleston proposed for the lead role of Number Six. Woolfe adds that the mini-series will be a “sophisticated, high-concept drama to rival anything on the terrestrials and the best of the U.S. It's our biggest drama commission ever and every penny will be evident on screen. We want to capture the imagination of a new generation of viewers.”
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