Sunday, 30 September 2007

Photo Naming Strategy (another)

Keep the original name for photos - for scanned images give each image a permanent "ID number".

I assume you would like to be able to view the photos in chronological order - that part can be added to the file name then or later.

The final file name would then be in this form "Year_DateSequenceNumber_IDxxxx. jpg":

1950_020_ID1523. jpg

1950_021_ID1026. jpg etc. etc.

FWIW when I scanned my photos I used the first part (1950-020. jpg) as the "file ID" and later found some photos were in the wrong year. I can't change that easily and I can't put them in sequence. . .   Using an independent ID (tracking number) allows you change the year and the date sequence.

You might want to add names and/or occasions at the end (the KISS approach).

1950_020_ID1523_CousinStanley. jpg

1950_021_ID1026_GrandCanyonTrip. jpg

You may want to do more. . .   I use a spreadsheet with info about each photo (who, where, occasion, notes/comments) and am now creating individual HTML files for each photo - then grouping them on PHP web pages for viewing - using EasyPHP.

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