Saturday, 8 September 2007

Photo Naming Strategy

I always save edited copies with a new name using a simple naming code that lets me know what I did to it.

I keep the original file name so they are in numeric sequence and in a group, but I add letters and numbers to the end such as... "c" for cropped, "a" for adjusted (brightness contrast, color balance type changes), "r" for resized, "s" for sharpened, and I might have a sequence number after each of these if I had more than one crop for example.

So if the original file was Img_4587.jpg, then my saved edited version might be Img_4587c2ars.jpg, and at a glance I can tell that was a second crop and has been edited for color contrast etc, and has been resized and sharpened.

A copy I saved for printing might be named "Img_4587c2a.png" (not resized, and needs sharpening before printing, but don't want to sharpen before resizing).

The order of letters is also the order in which I perform the edit.

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