Saturday, 17 November 2007


WARNING - Do not try any of these.


Prank : barley sugars in the shower head. Barley sugars are sugary lollys , probably any sugary sweets (boiled lollys etc....) will do.

Effect : Target gets out of the shower , feeling wet and clean , but after about 2 seconds drying target gets all sticky. so target jumps back in the shower. repeat ad nauseum :)


Prank : Freeze some cans of shaving foam , pierce cans, then put in targets car.

Effect : as the cans unfreeze the shaving foam will expand. three or four cans should fill a small car quite nicely :) good in summer ....


Prank : baking soda/salt in top of targets toothpaste. Just a little bit.

Effect: worst tasting toothpaste ever :)


Bicycle Inner Tubes - Cut out the valve stems so you have long, hollow rubber bands. Tie one end to the doorknob of a door, then tie the other end to the doorknob of the door across the hall.. Make sure you stretch them very tight.


We came up with a great one before.... you know paper shredders... well classified waste uses extra thin cuts so the pieces are all 5 mm square or so... anyways back to the point... tape the guys door frame with a good few inches of space between the door and tape, then fill the entire space between the tape and door with classified waste.... :) I've heard its an interesting wakeup


WARNING - Do not try any of these.


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