Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Davis Municipal Code on Safes

8.14.130 Security measures


(1)Commercial establishments having more than the cash to begin the next day's business on the premises after closing hours, or those businesses designated by the Police Department as being highly susceptible to theft because of items or materials they have on the premises, shall lock such money or items in a safe with a minimum rating of TL-15. The safe shall weigh at least 750 pounds or shall be equipped with suitable anchors. Re-locking devices are required. Businesses required by section 8.14.140(b) to have a silent intrusion alarm are considered businesses highly susceptible to theft and are required to have a TL-15 safe in compliance with this section.

(2)A business that would be subject to a high risk for robbery of classified materials or large amounts of cash shall have a TXTL safe. Businesses required by section 8.14.140(a) to have a central station silent robbery alarm are considered businesses subject to a high risk of robbery and are required to have a TXTL safe.


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