Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Am not shewer what tha's on abaht owd lad

There is the West Yorkshire dialect which uses these old forms, as in a conversation that would be heard on many a doorstep in Heckmondwike:

"What's tha got wi thi nah"?
"Well it dunt look like nowt t'me, it looks a reyt mullock".
"Ah fan it aht laikin".
"Look at at the state of thi, tha'd better get thissen t'bed afore thi fatther cums ooam".
"Am bahn nah. Neet".

It would be understood by most northerners - and probably a lot of non-northerners in the UK in speech, in real life, in a dramatic presentation or in writing.

from alt.usage.english

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