Friday, 10 August 2012

Army Star Ranks, e.g. 5 star General

  • 5 star General. General of the Army. He'd be in his 60's. The US military does not use 5 star rank during peace time.
  • 4 star- General. High political position or division commander, commander of entire armies.
  • 3 star- Lieutenant General. Political position or command of divisions.
  • 2 star - Brigadier General. Commander of "Commands", like all the troops in one certain country, like Germany or South America.
  • 1 star General would hold low level political position or some kind of token command, not actually being in charge of anything. Could be in charge of a specific branch, like Cavalry or Infantry units. At least fifty years old, age goes up to 60's, from here on up, the age can pretty much be the same.

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