Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tam o' Shanter

The Tam o’ Shanter is a Scottish bonnet worn by men.

The hat is usually made of wool and has a toorie (pom-pom) in the centre.

It is a floppy type of hat with the crown sometimes twice the diameter of the head.

Named after Tam o' Shanter, a character in the poem of that name by Robert Burns.

Originally, the hat was made only in blue due to the lack of chemical dyes ("blue bonnets").

The hats are now available in tartan and a wide variety of colors.

Tam o' Shanters are a casual alternative to the Balmoral and the Glengarry in Highland dress, and are part of the uniforms of a number of military units.

Copied from'_Shanter_(cap)

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