Saturday, 23 March 2013

Children react to sex education

Column 8 in the Sydney Morning Herald (yes, once again) has been printing some readers' anecdotes of what their young children said after they came back from school on the day they were told the facts  about sexual intercourse. Readers' accounts in Col. 8 are nearly always pretty funny, but with this theme, there were no less than three accounts provided which I thought funny enough to warrant a space here. I paraphrase some details:

Story 1.
8 year old girl comes home after "birds and bees" lesson. "Mum", she says seriously, looking her right in the eyes, "The family line stops right here."

Story 2.
Girl comes home as above. With her four year old brother nearby, she confronts her parents: "I'm not speaking to either of you. You did it TWICE!"

Story 3.
As above. Girl muses: "I can see my parents doing something like that. But not the Queen, not her…"

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