Saturday, 9 March 2013

The Spell As You Pronounce Universal project

SaypU: the simple universal phonetic alphabet

Wii aar bilding ɘ list ɘv wɘɘrdz frɘm ool langwijiz speld yuuzing ɘ simpɘl and singɘl 24-letɘr alfɘbet. This wud fɘsiliteyt kɘmyuunikeyshn in forɘn langwijiz and mayt meyk ɘs ool moor owpn tu ɘthɘr kɘltshɘrz.

We are building a list of words from all languages spelled using a simple and single 24-letter alphabet. This would facilitate communication in foreign languages and might make us all more open to other cultures.

This is a collaborative project that is being developed based on users’ contributions. Therefore, for this experiment to succeed, we need your help in adding, correcting and voting on the spelling of words in the database

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