Sunday, 26 April 2015

Fall between / through / the cracks / two stools

fall/slip through the cracks

to get lost or be forgotten, especially within a system

'It seems that important information given to the police may have fallen through the cracks'

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fall between the cracks / fall through the cracks

to fail to fit into a given agenda or program

'Some things fall between the cracks - like the value of an anaerobic adhesive at GE'

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fall between two stools

to come somewhere between two possibilities and so fail to meet the requirements of either.

'The material is not suitable for an academic book or for a popular one. It falls between two stools. He tries to be both teacher and friend, but falls between two stools.'

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the idea that anything can “fall between the cracks” just doesn’t make sense to me.

I picture two parallel cracks. Wouldn’t the space between them be the surface?

My guess is that the current illogical form came from a blending of the established metaphors “fall through the cracks” (as small objects might fall through the gaps between floorboards) and “fall between the stools”

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