Friday, 15 June 2007

Backup Policy

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I have for years had a written policy on firmware development for my (one-man) company, primarily due to using consultants from time to time. Of course it always helps to keep myself straight too. If you're interested, here's a quote from that policy document:

Backups - The automatic backup feature available with many editors does not comprise an adequate backup system and indeed should normally be turned off if possible. The person doing the coding is responsible to ensure that the following minimum backups are maintained.

Only one of each category below need be maintained; that is, a backup may be overwritten with newer data except as noted.

  • Save work in progress to nonvolatile (magnetic) media every 15 minutes or less, or when leaving the workstation or taking a telephone call.
  • Make a copy in a separate directory under the same name after every 4 hours work.
  • Make a copy on physically separate media (i. e., a different hard disk, floppy disk, or tape) after every 10 hours work.
  • When more than 40 hours has been invested in a project, maintain at least two backup copies of the work, at least one of which should always be at least 1 mile distant from the primary working copy.

"Save early, save often."

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