Friday, 15 June 2007

Most admired freeware product

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As I sat in my home today, a bit depressed about some things, my mind
began to wander. I was wondering which piece of freeware I had the most
respect for. What freeware did I admire the most? My candidate was
Cobian Backup, a backup solution that has really made a difference in how
I approach my computing.

Anyone care to share what is their most admired freeware product?

Spybot Search & Destroy

Mailwasher (i got it when it was still freeware).
It saves me at least 10 minutes every morning (by dissing spam)

Avant Browser and Google Toolbar
I'm not sure they are my most admired but they are certainly my most used freeware.

'FreePCB' and 'LTSpice/SwitcherCAD III' in (for) conjunction (partlist).
As for the standard software (implemented into WinNT), I vote to IrfanView. (and many more software freeware, though...)

FireFox, Thunderbird, Essential PIM

CopyWipe at
(Usually rely upon Darik's Boot & Nuke but Darik's doesn't work on them all.)

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