Friday, 15 June 2007


Flow is a simple game for Win32 based machines based on a cellular automata algorithm which mimics the properties of a liquid. It is not a game with an object or goal like most eg; like scoring points or killing something, but it is rather more like a toy which exists merely to be fiddled with. A good example of something similar is a game used by many charities where coins inserted at the top fall through the game, hitting off things as they go. Where Flow improves on this is that the obstacles can be changed in real-time, with the liquid responding accordingly.

Real-life scenarios such as waterfalls, fountains and showers can be represented - or indeed anything your imagination allows. User-triggered events can be designed (eg; flushing a toilet) through a user-toggleable filter material. Devices such as capillary action (where liquid in a vertical narrow space tends to rise) and water pumps (up, left and right) move the liquid around the game area in a more controlled fashion. There are two different kinds of liquid, one lighter than the other if user-desired and two tools to filter one type from the other.

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