Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Refried Beans

... "refried" in "refried beans", which is said to be a mistranslation of Spanish "refritos", which is said to not mean "refried", but "fried well", it seems the misconception is so widespread that it may outlast the correct meaning. ... it seems possible that the time may come when refried beans are really fried twice, because people will have heard so persistently that they were fried twice that they will have started frying them twice.

Googling on "refried beans" seems to come up with more statements that "refried" in "refried beans" means "fried twice" than with explanations of what really appears to be the true meaning, "fried well".

According to, refrito can mean either "over-fried (demasiado frito)" or "re-fried (frito de nuevo)", which seems to mean newly fried, which refritos are, after boiling.

from alt.usage.english

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