Saturday, 11 October 2008

Crooks ram police car at The Timber Yard

Criminals escaped by reverse-ramming the police car that pursued their vehicle after they were disturbed committing a theft at Weston-sub-Edge.

A member of the public alerted the police after witnessing a theft in progress at The Timber Yard, Buckle Street at about 10pm on Saturday.

Officers arrived in a Gloucestershire Constabulary Ford Focus estate car from Stow police station and pursued the intruders when they drove off, towards Saintbury Hill, in a silver Vauxhall pick-up truck.

The offenders deliberately reversed the back of the truck into the front of the police vehicle, causing minor damage to the Ford.

They then drove off and got away.

Nobody was hurt and the police do not yet know if anything was stolen from the Timber Yard.

By Simon Crump, Crooks Reverse ram Police Car (from Cotswold Journal), at

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