Monday, 9 March 2009

Dracula's Powers and Limitations

His powers include a wide range of abilities, some of which are beyond the powers of the other undead in the novel:

  • he can command any animal and control the weather;
  • he can become mist or elemental dust;
  • he has superhuman strength and speed;
  • his gaze is hypnotic;
  • he can transform himself into a bat or a wolf.

He has serious limitations, as well:

  • he is relatively powerless between sunrise and sunset;
  • he cannot enter a home unless invited (although his power to hypnotize helps him to bypass this limitation);
  • he cannot advance when faced by a cross, garlic, or a piece of communion wafer;
  • he can only cross running water when it is at its lowest;
  • he must sleep in soil made sacred by the burial of dead from his own family.


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