Thursday, 3 October 2013

BOB, EDC, GHB and house kits

BOB ( BUG OUT BAG) this is your I’m leaving town and I’m not sure when I’m coming back bag. It should be ready to go at all times and should have everything you need to run out the door naked and make it to safe spot and be somewhat comfortable for at least 72hrs.

GHB (GET HOME BAG) this is a smaller easily carried bag that rides in your car,or person (if you live in the city think expanded EDC) with supplies to make sure you make it home. To get to your house or a safe spot. These are things to piggy back your EDC or EVERY DAY CARRY.

EDC (EVERY DAY CARRY) these are things that you carry every day when you leave the house.

BUG in BAG or HOUSE KIT,these are the emergency kits,for staying at home through natural disasters and time of emergency.

If done right, your EDC will compliment your GHB,your GHB will compliment your BOB or home survival kit ... like a 3 tier system to help make it through the hard times and emergencies.


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