Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The burning effect of chilli

What is it best to drink to cool the burning sensation of capsaicin?

Milk products cool you off after eating chillies because casein, a protein, breaks the bond between the pain receptors and the capsaicin.

Why are chillies hot?

The heat of the chilli comes from the oil called capsaicin which is present in the chilli. it is found mostly in the seeds and the "ribs" of chilli peppers. capsaicin acts on the same nerves - found in the tongue and the skin - that gives us a sensation of heat. it releases a chemical called "substance p" into the blood which sends signals to the brain, telling it you are eating something hot.

Can you get desensitised to eating chilli?

Yes. tests have showed that with successive exposure to equal concentrations of capsaicin, the sensation of pungency decreases.

How do i get rid of the burning feeling?

If you burn your mouth with chilli, drinking water will do no good because capsaicin is not soluble in water. (it's like trying to wash away grease with water) fat will do the trick - and that means drinking milk, eating yoghurt, ice cream or even peanut butter.

See full FAQ on chilli topics at http://www.chilliworld.com/factfile/chilli-peppers-FAQ.asp

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