Sunday, 10 August 2008

Pick up tha' Musket

It occurred on the evening before Waterloo,

And troops were lined up on parade,

The Sergeant inspecting 'em he was a terror,

Of whom every man was afraid

All excepting one man who was in the front rank,

A man by the name of Sam Small,

And 'im and the Sergeant were both 'daggers drawn',

They thought 'nowt' of each other at all

As Sergeant walked past he was swinging his arms,

And he happened to brush against Sam,

And knocking his musket clean out of his hand,

It fell to the ground with a slam

'Pick it up' said Sergeant, abrupt like but cool,

But Sam with a shake of his head,

'Seeing as tha' knocked it out of me hand,

P'raps tha'll pick the thing up instead.

'Sam, Sam, pick oop tha' musket,'

The Sergeant exclaimed with a roar,

Sam said 'Tha' knocked it doon, reet! then tha'll pick it oop,

Or it'll stay where it is on't floor

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