Tuesday, 19 August 2008

TXTL-60 and Safe Anti-Theft Classifications

Anti-theft classifications help the consumer understand how difficult it is to break into a safe. The letters in the classification refer to the types of tools used to try to crack the safe during testing. TL refers to tools such as hand tools or drills (see "TL-15" below for a complete list of tools), TRTL refers to the aforementioned tools as well as torches, and TXTL refers to those same tools, torches, and explosives. A safe with a TXTL rating, then, offers superior protection against all types of theft devices.

Following the letters in the classification, are numbers, which denote the minimum amount of time in minutes the safe is theft-proof. A classification of TRTL-30 indicates the safe cannot be broken into with torches or other tools (see "TL-15" below for the complete list of devices used in testing) for a period of fifteen minutes of continuous active attempts. Keep in mind that while stronger often means better, the average consumer does not need an explosives-resistant safe for normal home use. For fire protection, however, refer to the fire-resistant rating guide further down.


The TL-15 rated safe has a combination lock and resists break-in for up to 15 minutes using hand tools, picking tools, mechanical or portable electric tools, grinding points, carbide drills, and pressure-applying devices. (TL= Tool Resistant)


The TL-30 rated safe has a combination lock and resists break-in for 30 minutes with all the tools mentioned for the TL-15.


The TRTL-30 rated safe has all the same capabilities as the TL-30 with the added protection against oxy-fuel and gas-cutting or welding torches. (TRTL= Torch Resistant and Tool Resistant)


The TRTL-60 rated safe provides all the protection of the TRTL-30 but resists break-in for an additional 30 minutes.


The TXTL-60 rated safe offers all the capabilities of the TRTL-60 with the additional protection against explosives. (TXTL=Torch, Tool, and Explosives Resistant)

See http://vaultandsafe.com/safe_ratings_classifications.shtml

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