Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Fun Practical Jokes to Play at Work

Having trouble getting through the workday without falling asleep at your desk?

Here are a few pranks that are sure to liven up the cube farm.

(NOTE: Don't be stupid enough to actually try any of the items below, or you'll find yourself in jail, in the hospital, or, even worse, in the unemployment line!)

  1. Change the settings in a coworker's word processing software so that any instance of the letter "x" is auto-corrected to read "xxx."
  2. Introduce the new intern by a different name to each person he/she meets.
  3. Tear a few graphic pages out of an adult magazine, slip them into an assistant's large photocopying job.
  4. Babble incoherently to a co-worker then ask, "Did you get all of that?"
  5. TP the VP's office...while he/she is in the room and on a conference call.
  6. Post a fake memo on the office bulletin board announcing Friday as "You're the Boss" Day, where all employees are to come into work dressed as a member of upper management.
  7. Pass around a sheet of paper asking other staff members if they'll sponsor a co-worker in a spelling bee for dyslexics.
  8. Wander the halls, slapping your head repeatedly and mutter, "Will you please shut up?"
  9. Wrap plastic wrap over the urinals in the executive washroom.
  10. Turn off the receptionist's ringer.
  11. Pretend you work at a collection agency during your lunch hour. Call your imaginary clients and loudly threaten bodily injury if they don't "pay up."
  12. Tape a piece of toilet paper to your shoe--the longer, the better--and do a few laps around the cube farm and through the cafeteria.

See http://www.tbs.com/stories/story/0,,49915,00.html

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