Sunday, 17 May 2009

Wenger "GIANT" Swiss Army Knife

The biggest Swiss Army knife in the world

What more can we say... just look at the picture and marvel at THE WENGER GIANT of all Swiss Army Knives...

This is the largest Swiss Army knife ever built. It weighs in at nearly 1 kg (2lbs). What it does not have, you do not need.

It is really intended for collectors of Swiss Army Knives and collection display, as opposed to a pocket tool, it is just TOO BIG for practical use.

This Wenger Swiss Army knife is NOT a pocket tool, it is for display - collector's only.

Please do not purchase if you are under the belief that it is the top of the range Wenger Swiss Army knife, that is the Wenger ULTIMATE. This unit is made to order for collectors of Swiss Army Knives.


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